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We support and help companies that wish to adopt responsible development and communication practices.

This vision aims to ensure that companies improve their performance and sustain the development of their business while reducing their carbon impact.

Our strategy

Developing a more sober and better designed code by removing redundant or unused functionalities and focusing on the essentials, this is possible thanks to the "Green Code" methodology that we use.
Our solutions are developed with a colorimetry adapted to the needs of the customers but also of the planet since our selection is less energy consuming.

Creative solutions

Make your site green, it is possible. We work on the source code to make it light by identifying unnecessary features, allowing you to improve your digital footprint.
We develop our own creative and eco-designed templates and can optimize your existing sites without major changes to its appearance by reducing the code, removing the "digital fat" features and improving the digital footprint.



UX / UI Design

3 main reasons to adopt this mode of design:

  • An ecological site is better referenced
  • A green site improves the user experience
  • An ecological site is more accessible

Communication Strategy

Our main values are agreed on the substance: Valuing the social and/or environmental commitments of the company, promoting communication media that are less polluting, ethical, and inclusive.

Social Media

Our Community Manager manages and animates your social networks, creating attractive publications to seduce your audience with interesting content and increase loyalty.


Inbound and Outbound marketing to help capturing your customers on the Internet and become the benchmark in your market.

Who are we?

We are a communication agency specializing in eco-design

The team

Nice Shot is a team of talented young people concerned about environmental issues and the negative digital footprint of our current practices. We offer modern design solutions based on Green IT techniques with the aim of combining customer satisfaction and eco-design.

Our mission

Support companies that wish to go green in their projects while offering more environmentally friendly approaches.

Our Philosophy

To reduce your environmental footprint, every gesture counts! Adopting a Green IT approach totally or partially will help preserve the planet

Digital communications agency

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